Lorcana HQ just kicked off our first constructed Lorcana tournament. I’m excited to see how things play out and what decks go the distance. We had 45 players sign up, and now it’s time to see which ones will quest their way to the top 8! Here’s what those players brought to the table.

The archetypes that people trust the most were: Amber/Steel (18%), Ruby/Amethyst (15%), and Sapphire/Ruby (13%). I won’t be sharing deck lists at this time, but let’s look at what to expect from these archetypes.

Amber / Steel

This deck typically revolves around flooding the board with small characters while using Stitch Rock Star’s ability to keep your hand stocked. You may also see a supporting cast of Rapunzel Gifted with Healing and Ariel Spectacular Singer.

The Steel side of the deck brings control elements like Grab Your Swords and Smash for spot removal.

Ruby / Amethyst

This deck leans on the card draw of Amethyst with cards like The Queen and Friends on the Other Side. These cards help keep your hand padded while you’re inking toward your Ruby endgame.

Bombs like Mickey Brave Little Taylor, affectionately known as BLT, and Elsa Spirit of Winter can close games fast.

Besides late game threats, Ruby also brings the control cards. Dragon Fire is a solid card to remove a big threat. Decks in these colors also have access to the often back-breaking Be Prepared.

Sapphire / Ruby

Much like the Ruby / Amethyst deck above. This deck relies on the same control cards; Dragon Fire and Be Prepared. You’ll also likely see the same cast of Ruby threats like BLT and Aladdin Heroic Outlaw. The difference here is that you get the ramp power of Sapphire. Cards like Gramma Tala and Mickey Mouse Detective accelerate your game plan and allow you to outpace your opponent.

Sapphire also has access to some fantastic removal in cards like Let It Go and Hades Infernal Schemer.

It will be exciting to see which decks climb to the top of the hill. I’ll be back after round two with some featured deck lists and we can do a deeper dive then. Until next time have a magical week.