On Tuesday, the Lorcana team asked fans if they should reveal a Hero, Villain, or Ally card next.

While the response was heavily in favor of a Villain card, the team was gracious enough to reveal three cards on Thursday – one of each type.

For a Hero, they revealed Aladdin – Prince Ali. This 2-cost Emerald character has 2 Attack and 2 Defense, and Ward, a mechanic previously seen on Aurora – Dreaming Guardian. He is a Storyborn Prince.

For a Villain, they revealed Scar – Mastermind. This 6-cost Sapphire character has 5 Attack and 4 Defense, and has the ability Insidious Plot, which says “when you play this character, chosen opposing character gets -5 Attack this turn.” He is Storyborn.

For an Ally, they revealed The Wardrobe – Belle’s Confidant. This 3-cost Amethyst character has 3 Attack and 4 Defense, with no ability. She is Dreamborn.

Each of these cards may have up to two Lore icons, but they were covered by the Ravensburger logo on the reveal images. Special thank you to Lorcania for the card images.