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Thursday 9:38 AM (EST)
Thursday 4:35 PM (EST)
Details of D23 Set Emerge – Thursday 6:57 PM (EST)
Card Reveal – Thursday 8:23 PM (EST)
Mechanics Speculation – Thursday 9:25 PM (EST)
Lorcana Trailer Drops – Friday 12:15 AM (EST)
Doors Open – Friday, 12:25PM (EST)
Micky Mouse Promos Are Not Limited
Winding Down – Friday 4:19 PM (EST)
The Collector’s Set – To The Moon
Kicking Off Saturday With A Bang!

Thursday 9:38 AM (EST)

Welcome! If you’re looking for the most up-to-date information about Disney Lorcana you’ve come to the right place. Make sure that you Join the Discord or Facebook Group since information will be flowing into those in real-time. This post will be updated regularly as new information comes in. I will show the cards that are previewed at D23 and share some reactions. I’d also like to track information about how to get your own collector’s set, early pricing trends, and speculations birthed from the expo. I’ll see you in the next entry.

Thursday 4:35 PM (EST)

I’ve noticed a slight uptick in people interested in Lorcana. Our Discord server experienced a bit of a boom this afternoon. I suspect the interest is picking up due to the D23 hype as well as from popular Digimon creators who are setting their sights on the game.

D23 Collector Set

Some information from a Facebook group has surfaced in our Discord about the Collector Set.

The name and picture of the Facebook account have been removed for privacy purposes.

These “D23 Expo marks” make it seem like the sets are a D23 exclusive. If this is true then they will be highly collectible and will fetch a high premium on the secondary market. The demand for these sets is starting to increase across different social media platforms. As this news spreads, I expect the demand to continue an upward trend.

There’s been some confusion about why the collector’s set only has six cards yet they said that they would show seven characters at D23. This post solves that mystery, since the set will contain six cards, and there will be one promo card.

I’ll bring you more news as soon as I have it!

Thursday 6:57 PM (EST)

We have more information on the Disney Lorcana Collector’s Set.

  • The price of the collector set will be $49.99.
  • The purchase of the set will come with a promo and pin.
  • They have 300 sets to sell for each day of D23.
  • “The D23 cards are not mechanically unique. These cards will appear in the first set, but the D23 cards have a unique foil treatment and markings to call them out as special.” This was alluded to above but had now been clarified by a Ravensburger employee.

Thursday 8:23 PM (EST)

The cards dropped via a GamesRadar Article!

(Image credit Ravensburger)

Thursday 9:25 PM (EST)

Right after the cards dropped we jumped into the voice channel in the Discord and tried to deconstruct the game. Here’s what we came up with. This image is only speculation of what each icon/text line means.

Friday 12:15 AM (EST)

The official Disney Lorcan Twitter dropped an awesome Trailer!

Friday, 12:25PM (EST)

The doors at the expo are open …

Photo Credit @EpicSwitzer

and the first D23 Expo set has already been sold on ebay.

Micky Mouse Promos Are Not Limited Like The D23 Sets

We are getting word from the floor at D23 that there are plenty of Mickey promos. Keep this in mind when trying to get a copy. They are being sold high on ebay.

Friday 4:19 PM (EST)

Here’s a video of the foiling provided by @EpicSwitzer

The official Lorcana Twitter Announces that they are out of D23 sets for the day. There will be 300 more available tomorrow.

We’ve collected some information about items available at D23. The D23 Collector’s Set is limited to 2 per person for the whole weekend. They scan your badge to ensure this. As we said above the Mickey card is available to all who visit the booth for free. This means supplies are not as short as the actual Collector’s set.

The Collector’s Set – To The Moon

Next, we’re going to talk about the early pricing trends of the D23 collector set. It brings me no pleasure to report on this next topic. I know the effects that FOMO (fear of missing out) can have on a person’s psyche, but I have to share the information to make sure that people are informed. Keep in mind, that the cards in this set will be available in the first set. So if you want them to play the game, you’ll have an opportunity to get non-fancy versions of them.

It appears that the strategy of the D23 resellers is to sell the Pin, Promo Card, and Set separately. Again, remember the promo card will be much more available than the actual set. Here are some completed auctions.

Kicking Off Saturday With A Bang!

A new day has dawned at the D23 Expo and news is already flooding in. The line today is much longer than yesterday which is something considering that it is competing with the Marvel / Lucasfilm panel. Word must have gotten out about how sought-after the Collector’s Set is.

Photo Credit: Walter Yensid

This prompted a response from the Ravensburger team. They limited the Collector’s set to one per person.

14 minutes after the doors officially opened the line was stopped.

In other news, the Lorcana Trailer is playing in hall 23 on the big screen. They also played the trailer right before the Marvel / Lucasfilm panel! What a great opportunity to show the game off to a large audience.

Photo Credit: @EpicSwitzer