GenCon is one of the biggest if not the biggest tabletop gaming convention of the year. Having a rich history of 55 years, GenCon has given the gaming community tons to cheer about and explore. This year, Disney Lorcana is coming right to its doorstep.

Just a few weeks ago on the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 17, an IGN article was released detailing the plethora of products Lorcana will feature on release and as well as two release dates. One is Aug. 18 for your local game stores (card shops) and Sept.1 for your big box retailers like Target, Walmart, etc.

There were also other dates mentioned, Aug. 3-6, these are the dates that GenCon runs. In the article from IGN, it was confirmed that Lorcana would be appearing at GenCon, and it was also confirmed by Nive’s Nerd Corner that GenCon will be the first place to purchase Lorcana products. That’s two weeks before the first launch date.

Photo Courtesy of Nive’s Nerd Corner

With product being confirmed to be at GenCon, it is still unknown what exactly will be available for Con-goers to purchase and enjoy. There has been speculation about just the pre-constructed decks to everything that Lorcana is going to stock the shelves with on release day. It is safe to bet there will be something for everyone there to get their hands on and experience Lorcana for the first time. 

If you would like to attend GenCon and get some Lorcana products of your own. Head over to GenCon’s website and find their badge information tab where you can choose from single-day passes to go for the whole event.

Next, if you choose to purchase a badge there are a few more important dates to remember. The first is Sunday, Feb. 12 when the housing application goes live. This is most important as getting a good hotel near the con reduces the walking and/or driving you may have to do to get downtown for the event. On the day before the application goes live, keep an eye out on your email as there will be a time sent to you for when your application will be open, so the earlier the time is the better. Here is a more in-depth detail of everything to know about housing.

The final date which is a bit more in the future is Sunday, May 21 which is the day event registration opens for GenCon. No events have been announced yet for Lorcana, so keep a close eye out for any announcements of those and to mark that day in your calendar as well.

Photo Courtesy of IGN

There is plenty to look forward to with Lorcana and GenCon, so if you want to be a part of the fun go get those badges and we will see you there!

By Teddy Wynard